Glass Units

Glass Unit Components

An insulated glass unit is made up of six components

Glass Unit Components

  1. Spacer bar- A frame that separates the 2 glass panes creating an air space cavity. The spacer can be aluminum, warm edge (stainless steel) and warm edge foam.
  2. Desiccant - A silicon material used to dry up moisture trapped within the cavity.
    (Not used on foam spacer bars)
  3. The air or gas (usually argon) - Fills the cavity.
  4. Primary seal - The main barrier to air or moisture migration into the insulated glass unit.
  5. Glass panes - Clear, Low E, self cleaning, color tinted or obscured.
  6. The secondary seal - The main structural adhesive around the outside edge of spacer to hold the unit together.

XL Edge® Insulating Glass

XL Edge Insulating Glass Unit

Cardinal provides a 20-year guarantee on XL Edge units because of advanced design and fabrication. XL Edge is at the leading edge, incorporating a stainless steel spacer with airtight bent corners and a dual-seal construction of compressed polyisobutylene (PIB) and silicone. Desiccants are contained in the spacer to eliminate any potential for moisture. Argon is filled inside the IG unit, improving window U-factor. Since XL Edge is a warm-edge IG, the possibility of indoor condensation is greatly reduced.

Cardinal’s superior IG construction translates into a 0.2% seal failure rate over twenty years - plainly the lowest in the industry. To compare, the well-established 1976 Sealed Insulating Glass Manufacturing Association (SIGMA) study identifies average industry IG failures of over 9% in fifteen years. Modern competitive spacer systems simply cannot match the long-term durability characteristics of XL Edge IG. Even older Cardinal technologies, like IG with aluminum spacers and polysulfide or PIB, didn´t stack up against XL Edge. We sell this with a manufacturer's limited 20 year warranty on the glass and we give a 10 year labor warranty on this unit.

Super Spacer
Unlike "warm edge” spacer options that contain steel or aluminum wrapped in butyl rubber, Super Spacer® is made of 100 percent foam. Super Spacer's NO-Metal formula blocks the heat escape path and provides some of the best thermal performance and durability in the industry. We sell this with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty on the glass and a 2 year labor warranty

Aluminum Spacer
Aluminum spacer bars are the most common spacer bar used in insulated glass units. Light and flexible they can be bent and formed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Less expensive than warm edge spacers they are also less effective in insulating against heat loss than warm edge or foam spacer bars. We sell this with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty on the glass and a 10 year labor warranty.